Daily Attendance

View daily attendance for an employee, with details like source and reason of attendance using Daily Attendance page.

Runtime HRMS let’s you view employee attendance for entire month in a single view. Follow below steps to view:

  • Go to the Attendance > Daily Attendance from left navigation menu.

  • Search an employee by trying name or employee code. Once the results show up, click on any name to select.

  • Click on ‘View’ to load attendance calendar for selected employee.

  • The calendar show attendance aliases like ‘P’ for Present, ‘A’ for Absent and so on.

To view details for a particular date like attendance reason, source, last updated details etc., click on any date.

You can also update attendance record using above dialog and hit ‘Save’ to save your changes. The “Latest Remarks” and “Last Updated By” values will change after you save your changes.

To download the attendance records in excel, click on ‘Download’ button.

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